What to expect:

  • A non-invasive inspection covering installed components.

  • On-site inspection will take approximately 2-3 hours, dependent upon size and condition.

  • Pre-inspection agreement will be emailed for client to examine.  Must be signed and returned to inspector.

  • Payment is due at time of inspection

  • Client is welcome and encouraged to accompany inspector throughout on-site inspection.

  • Upon completion of on-site inspection, a written inspection report along with photos will be emailed within 24 hours to the client.

What will be inspected:

Electrical Inspection

  • Service entrance conductors, service drop

  • Electric meter and base, main disconnect, main and distribution panels, grounding systems

  • Circuit breakers, fuses and compatibility of their amperage and voltage (electrical wiring)

  • Switches, receptacles, light fixtures, and visible wiring (romex, knob and tube or metallic shield)

  • Polarity and grounding of receptacles within 6 feet of interior plumbing fixtures and receptacles in garage, carport and exterior walls of inspected structure

  • All ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles

  • Location of main and distribution panels

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


  • Wall covering, flashing and trim

  • All exterior doors

  • Adjacent walkways and driveways

  • Stairs, steps, stoops, stairways and ramps

  • Porches, patios, decks balconies and carports

  • Railings, guards and handrails

  • Eaves, soffits and fascia

  • Windows

  • Surface drainage, grading of property

Heating & cooling

  • Heating system

  • Normal operating controls

  • Automatic safety controls

  • Distribution systems, including fans, pumps, ducts and piping, insulation, air filters, registers, radiators, fan coil units and convectors

  • Presence of installed heat source in each room

  • Chimneys, flues and vents (for gas water heaters and heat systems)

  • Cooling system

  • Normal operating controls

  • Presence of installed cooling source in each room

Plumbing Inspection

  • Main water supply shut off valve

  • Main fuel supply shut off valve

  • Water heating equipment, controls, chimneys, flues and vents

  • Interior water supply, fixtures, faucets and water systems

  • Drainage, waste and vent systems, septic systems, ( if applicable)

  • Interior fuel storage, piping, venting, supports and leaks, (if applicable)

  • Sump pumps with accessible float systems,( if applicable)


  • Ceilings, walls and floors

  • Stairs, steps, landings, stairways, ramps, railings, guards and handrails

  • Counters and cabinets

  • Doors, windows

Insulation & ventilation

  • Insulation in attic

  • Insulation under floor systems

  • Vapor retarders (on ground in crawlspaces or basements)

  • Ventilation of attic and foundation areas

  • Venting systems (kitchen, baths and laundry)

  • Ventilation fans and thermostatic controls (in attic)

Garage (if applicable)

  • Garage ceiling

  • Garage walls (including firewall separation)

  • Garage floor

  • Garage door

  • Occupant door from garage to inside of home. (fire rated)

  • Garage door operations (report whether or not door will reverse when met with resistance)

Basement, foundation, crawlspace & structure Inspection

  • Foundation, basement and crawlspace

  • Walls (structural)

  • Columns or priers

  • Floors (structural)

  • Ceilings (structural)

Roof system Inspection

  • Roof covering

  • Gutters and Downspouts

  • Flashing

  • Vents, Skylights, Chimney, and other roof penetrations

  • Roof structure and attic (rafters, sheathing, pearling,)

Fireplace (if applicable)

  • Gas /LP fire logs and fireplaces

  • Solid fuel heating devices (fireplaces and woodstoves)

  • Chimneys, flues, and vents (for fireplaces)

Built-in kitchen appliances

  • Dishwasher

  • Ranges/ovens/cook tops

  • Range hood

  • Trash compactor

  • Food waste disposer

  • Microwave cooking equipment


The inspection and report exclude and do not cover those items indicated as “untested” or “not inspected” or the possible presence of or danger from any potentially harmful substances and environmental hazards including, but not limited to, the following items: asbestos; lead paint; formaldehyde; toxic and flammable materials; soil contamination; water testing; termite and pest infestation; water softener and filter system; sprinkler systems; central vacuum systems; telephone systems; intercom systems; security systems; antennas; uninstalled appliances; playground equipment; swimming pools and pool equipment; spas; energy efficiency measurements; recreational equipment; recreational facilities (boat docks and tennis or basketball courts); landscaping; underground storage tanks; underground drainage; irrigation; outdoor grills; low voltage exterior lighting; remote overhead door transmitters and receivers; concealed or underground electric and plumbing; systems which are shut down or otherwise secured; private sewer systems; water wells; chimney draft; heating system accessories; solar heating systems; zoning or other ordinances; and building code conformity.

Some exclusionary items and systems may be inspected for an additional charge.

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Central Vacuum system

  • Water softener and filter system

  • Security systems

  • Intercom systems

  • Low voltage exterior lighting

  • Outdoor grill

  • Water wells

  • Private sewer systems

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